New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions Post Image

Although every year I struggle, and often fail, at keeping New Year’s resolutions I still make them every year. I feel like they’re positive, motivational and just an all round good idea. Even if I only keep to them for a few weeks, or days, at least I tried. This year i decided to make my resolutions slightly less specific because I figured that would make them easier to keep to. Also I wanted most of them to be proper changes which will make an impact to my life. I want 2015 to be the year that i start living my life entirely the way I want to (bit of a cringey line but true.)

 Part of the way I decided to achieve these resolutions is by starting this blog! It’s helping me try a new thing and be more outspoken. I feel like it’s one of many proactive things I want this year to be about, rather than lazing around procrastinating for the majority of my free time.

 Most importantly for me, and for I think everyone, this year should be all about the happiness. The main reason I love New Years so much is that it’s a chance to forget the past and start fresh.

 Nicole x