When I was around 8 years old my mum went to visit my auntie who was living in Amsterdam at the time, and I stayed at my grandma’s house for the few days my mum was away. This is when my grandma taught me how to knit, just like she’d taught my mum to years ago. To be honest, at 8 years old I was awful at it and my knitting was more like a messy pile of wool than anything wearable, but after a bit of practice it’s one of my favourite crafty things to do.


I think the reason I love knitting so much is that it’s something which in it’s most basic form is such an easy way to create something new. It’s also something which has been passed down through generations, and I think that’s quite a nice thing. When I was little my grandma knitted me endless baby cardigans and booties, and now that I’m old enough to knit something that stays together, (most of the time haha) I can do the same for her, (but maybe a scarf or something I don’t think she would appreciate knitted booties.)


Knitting is such a rewarding hobby, and knitted gifts are always appreciated so much because of the time and effort that goes into them. I really think that everyone should try knitting at some point, it’s really not just for older people!

Nicole x