“Things Change All The Time”

At the moment, because I am in my gap year I have a job in a coffee shop. Not that there’s anything wrong with working in a coffee shop, I just really don’t enjoy it and I’m not very good at it. To be honest the phrase “things change all the time” is the only thing that gives me the energy to get up in the morning and go to work. It’s really helped me.


I feel like maybe this phrase is helpful for me because I know that things definitely will change and soon, and that this time in September I’ll most probably not be working and will definitely be close to leaving for university. However I do feel like it’s a helpful phrase to remember when you feel like giving up, or when you feel like things will always be the same.

Also, this phrase has helped me trivialise some aspects of my life which, although possibly sounds bad, I actually think is a really positive thing. I’m a massive worrier, I get stressed out about things I don’t even need to be stressed out about weeks before I even need to be thinking about them. When I do get worried about things though, I think about this phrase and it helps put everything into perspective. If things change all the time, how much will this particular thing affect my life? Will it matter greatly this time next year? Will the consequences of this thing change my life irreparably? Most of the time no. And if the answer is no I don’t think it’s worth losing sleep over.


I know I’ve focused mainly on the negative so far, but this phrase has also I think helped me appreciate positive things in my life. Remembering that things change has helped me ‘live in the moment’ more and value the happiness in my life at the moment.

I’m sharing my thoughts on this mainly because before I think overall the phrase “things change all the time” has changed my perspective on life and the importance of things, and I’ve only been happier after I realised from it that if things are bad now, they probably soon won’t be.

Nicole x