TV Shows You Should Be Watching

So I watch a few TV Shows. Okay, maybe quite a lot of TV shows. I don’t think it’s that much of an exaggeration to say that getting Netflix was one of the best decisions of my life? Well maybe a bit of an exaggeration but I definitely don’t regret it. I feel like I enjoy watching TV shows because it’s a chance to escape from reality and get caught up in something more exciting and interesting than everyday life (does this sound sad? I’m not sure.) I really do enjoy my life, but it’s just nice not to think about it sometimes, you know? I’m going to keep it to just three shows just because there has to be a limit and I could go on forever.

  • Friends (Netflix US and Canada)


Friend will always, always, always be one of my favourite TV shows. You’ve probably already watched it like most people have, but I still think you should watch it again. Every episode. Friends shows the lives of six twenty-somethings living in New York City. Although when you think about it the show is quite simple, it’s somehow different to other TV series. I’ve watched Friends so much that, most of the time, I can tell what a character’s going to say before they say it, yet I never get bored of it or find it any less funny than the first time I saw it.

  • American Horror Story (Netflix Season 1-3)


I feel like American Horror Story is one of those shows that makes me want shake people when they say they don’t want to watch it. Does that make me sound slightly psychotic? I don’t literally shake people don’t worry. But it really is so good. Each series is completely different, though uses a lot of the same actors. The series revolve around the supernatural, weird, or sinister events. Although by the name of the show you might expect something similar to a thrilling horror film, most of the time it’s not hide-behind-the-sofa scary, it’s more psychologically haunting than that. The writing of the stories in each series is so unpredictable, the characters are so well developed; every backstory is travelled, and each season is so wonderfully planned and executed. The ideas behind each series are so complex and weird. But the best weird. American Horror Story is one of those rare shows that stays near the forefront of your mind for a few days after you’ve watched it. (If you’re wondering, Asylum is my favourite season.)

  • Orange Is the New Black (Netflix)


I’m going to admit it. I binge watched Orange Is the New Black and finished it in four or five days. For me it was one of those TV shows where as soon as I’d finished one episode I had to watch the next straight away. The show, based on the real memoir of Piper Kerman, tells the story of Piper; a respectable, middle class, innocent woman, and new inmate at a female prison, being punished for a drug smuggling crime she was dragged into by her girlfriend ten years ago, and the prison inmates she meets. The episodes show different types of people we may not necessarily associate with being in prison, and picks up on important issues regarding the legal system, the rights of female prisoners, and the injustice that is rife in the penal institutions. The thing that got me most was how connected I felt to the characters; each episode lets you into the past of the inmates to such an extent that you feel like you’re there with them. This show is so cleverly written that you really don’t see the unexpected coming, in both the direction the story takes and the secrets of the characters which are unveiled. I think that when people, and I am guilty of this, think of prison inmates we think of people who are so different from ourselves that we could never be compared to them, but this show does good work in showing how much we can relate to those who have made some poor decisions or taken some wrong turns in life.

Nicole x