How To: Flying!

Plane journeys might be one of my favourite things ever. Well that’s what i always tend to think before I’m on the plane, or when I’ve just got on the plane. Generally though I know that by the time I’ve been in the air for more than a couple of hours I’m ready to get down. I do find plane journeys really exciting though because you’re travelling to a place which most of the time i imagine you’re really excited to go to. Although it does get quite boring on planes there are a few things that keep plane journeys enjoyable.

Films are my number one source of entertainment on plane journeys. They’re great because they can occupy you for hours.

Food is also something I make sure I have on plane journeys. In general I think it’s good to have food on you at all times, but especially plane journeys.

Music is a must have. A fully charged iPod is great for plane journeys, because on most plane journeys, unless they’re very short, I do try to sleep. Sleep is a great way to pass time, especially if you aren’t a fan of flying, and listening to music when you’re on an often quite noisy plane makes sleeping easier.

Talking of sleep, something comfy to sleep on is great to have. Either one of those neck-cushion-things, a pillow or a soft jumper to rest on.

Books! I really like reading on planes because I’m quite bad when it comes to reading. I always put it off or convince myself there’s something more important t do, but when you’re on a plane it’s more difficult to make excuses because your options are limited.

Nicole x