How To: The Balance

In the past I’ve gone into changing my lifestyle with the wrong attitude. I’d cut out everything unhealthy from my life and only eat fruit, vegetables and seeds which obviously never lasted more than a few days before I was back to eating Pringles everyday. This time though, with my New Year’s Resolutions I’ve tried to find the balance, as my mum always says ‘everything in moderation.’


I decided that I didn’t want this to be just a 2 week diet, I wanted this to be a proper change to my diet and health. I’ve got a kind of loose routine I’m trying to stick to, but nothing too strict because I know I’d fail and give up if I did that.

  • Eat the healthy option wherever possible.
  • Be conscious of how much I’m eating, and whether I’m eating too much or too little.
  • Eat well on weekdays; treat yourself on the weekends.
  • Try more healthy, easy, home recipes.
  • Exercise 2-3 times a week.
  • If you slip up, don’t give up, just start again tomorrow.
  • And most importantly, don’t do what I usually do and get too obsessive about it all. (Would it be inappropriate to use the phrase YOLO here, is it embarrassing that I even mentioned it, okay never mind.)


I’ve been following this sort-of-plan-thing since New Year and the great thing about it is that I don’t feel that guilty when I slip up. Usually if I went off course I’d give up and wouldn’t even think about healthy eating until the next week. Yesterday for example I went to McDonalds (and not even on a weekend oops.) Before that would have been that, today I’d have been having chocolate for breakfast, but right now I’m eating some homemade granola, and I didn’t even feel that bad about the McDonalds because I didn’t just throw the whole health thing in, I exercised afterwards. I really do like this new change in attitude I’ve forced upon myself that doesn’t make me feel bad about eating what I want, I feel like it’s a real change to my lifestyle (we’ll have to see if I’m still doing it in a few weeks though haha.)

Nicole x