Watching documentaries on Netflix is probably one of my favourite things, and I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “The English Surgeon.” The documentary shows the work of Henry Marsh, a British surgeon who is working in a Russian hospital, trying to help people with brain tumours in a system which does not accommodate methods of surgery which are widely used in western countries.

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It’s really a very moving documentary which you should definitely watch, but what struck me most was how little I appreciate what I have. I know that we all occasionally have moments when we think, “wow I really am lucky, I should appreciate my life more” and then go on with our day and forget about it, but this documentary was one of those things which really stuck with me. I’m lucky enough not to have any life threatening illnesses, and if I did have a life threatening illness I’m probably in one of the best countries to be treated with highly successful western methods and free healthcare.

I just think that I want to make another New Year’s Resolution (is it too late to do that, maybe we’ll just call it a Resolution) to properly make sure I take time to just think about how lucky I am sometimes. I constantly get caught up in all of the bad things that happen in life, when they really don’t matter, like I’m sure everyone does. For instance when I was in high school I used to get so worked up about the people I was with and teachers and work but as soon as I left it all disappeared and I wondered why I was ever so worried about those temporary things. They weren’t permanent and they weren’t massive problems. I feel like if I realised what problems were important and which were insignificant in the long run I’d be a lot happier. If a problem is small, temporary and trivial it should be remembered that it is all of those things.

Nicole x