Being Vegan

About four years ago I became pescetarian for around a year and a half. I did this because I honestly felt really bad about eating animals, and I still do. The reason I became a pescetarian and not a vegetarian is that I was (and still am) eating the food my mum makes and don’t have the freedom to make dramatic changes to my diet. Becoming pescetarian was a compromise. The reason I stopped being a pesceterian, this is going to sound so stupid, was sort of a moment of weakness. I remember my friend had eaten half of a chicken and bacon sandwich and didn’t want the rest (and I apparently have no will power.) Honestly now I can’t believe I threw all of my morals out of the window for a chicken and bacon sandwich but to be fair I was only fourteen/fifteen and I don’t think I’d do the same thing now. Although I can’t become a vegetarian or a vegan now as I am still living at home, I am seriously considering it when I leave.



  • Not contributing to a system which is cruel to animals
  • Not eating dead animals
  • Health benefits to not eating animal fats and proteins
  • Helps cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Acting on what you believe in
  • Not eating meat and dairy is beneficial for the environment (less crops and water are needed to maintain a vegan diet)


  • Is difficult sometimes to maintain a healthy diet; a lot of the protein we gain is from meat
  • Less convenient than eating meat and animal products (for example, it is more difficult to eat out)
  • I’d have to give up a lot of the foods i love

I think ultimately the diet that I believe is right for me is vegan, but that is difficult to stick to and a big change. Vegetarian seems the most doable, because it’s only one step away from being a pescetarian, and maybe transition from being vegetarian to vegan is an easier step than going straight into becoming vegan which is a very extreme change from eating everything and anything. Of course this is only my personal opinion; everyone has their own beliefs which should be respected.

“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” – Albert Einstein

Nicole x

p.s This documentary really changed and impacted my view on becoming vegetarian or vegan (Warning: Viewer Discretion Is Advised. This Documentary Does Contain Graphic Images.)