Healthy Recipe: Granola


Ingredients: (These are the measurements I use to make granola which lasts around 2 weeks having one portion a day because this granola is easy to bake in bulk, so consider halving the ingredients if you want less granola than this.)

500g Rolled Oats

50g Sunflower Seeds (or any other seed)

160g sultanas/raisins (or any other dried fruit)

4 tbsp Olive oil/Coconut oil

6 tbsp Pure Honey

Sprinkling of Cinnamon (to your taste)



Mix all of the above ingredients together in a bowl using you hands (yes it is really is that easy.) Make sure all of the oil and honey is evenly distributed.



Lightly spread the mixture over a baking sheet lining a tin and bake in the oven (gas mark 4) until lightly brown and lightly toasted. (Keep checking and stirring occasionally to make sure it’s evenly toasted!) It’s completely up to your own personal taste how browned you want it.


Cool before serving and store in an air tight container.

Nicole x