50 Facts About Me

My aim for this year with this blog was to write at least one post everyday, or at least failing that to have a total of 365 posts by then end of the year, and I’m falling slightly behind. I really wanted something to force me to write, because I really enjoy writing I just sometimes lack motivation to do it, but I’ve committed to this though so I have to. Not that it’s chore of course. Recently I have been suffering from writer’s block a bit. I have a long word document filled with blog post ideas, but when I try to write them it just doesn’t seem write, you know? Anyway, I thought that because I never really make an introductory-post-type-thing I’d share some facts about me (I hope I don’t bore you too much.)

  1. I am 18
  2. I was born on the 25th of July
  3. I live in the middle of England
  4. I was born in London
  5. I’m half Irish
  6. I don’t like being called ‘Nic’ or ‘Nicky’
  7. In September I’m going to University to study History
  8. I have a cat called Ronnie Pickles (not my choice we adopted him)Photo on 13-01-2015 at 14.49 #4(Said cat)
  9. I’m not sure how I’m going to live without a pet at university
  10. I watch Friends a lot, like constantly
  11. Right now I’m struggling to think of any interesting facts about me which is slightly worrying
  12. My favourite food is fajitas
  13. Until about 6 months ago I thought fajitas were spelled fajhitas
  14. I want to start wearing big jumpers more
  15. I worry too much all the time about things i don’t even need to be worried about
  16. My biggest fear is answering the phone
  17. I used to be afraid of the dentist but then I had root canal which went wrong and nothing can be worse than that so since then I haven’t been scared of going.
  18. I also used to be scared of dogs because my grandma had a very boisterous dog that would knock me over when I was little (only out of playfulness though)
  19. I don’t drink enough water
  20. My favourite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  21. I always watch Stepbrothers when I’m sad because it’s hilarious
  22. The first concert I went to see is the script
  23. If I could put BBQ sauce on everything and not be judged for it I would
  24. I freak out about what my purpose in life is about once every 3 days
  25. I cracked my head open on a gravy stand and had to have it glued together when I was 7
  26. I fractured my wrist when I was 7
  27. Being 7 years old was obviously a hard and painful year for me
  28. I live in skinny jeans and skirts
  29. I’m quite good at ironing
  30. I try to keep a dream journal
  31. I want to travel everywhere
  32. I’ve been stung by a jellyfish before
  33. I used to be obsessed with sweet chilli sauce
  34. I’m not learning to drive and i have no intentions to at the moment
  35. I can knit
  36. I have a very small family
  37. I really like the colour turquoise
  38. I’m not religious
  39. Some bits of my hair are straight, some strands are wavy, and some ringlets
  40. I don’t really drink coffee because I only like it with 5 sugars in it
  41. I can drink strong tea with only 2
  42. I think I’m quiet a patient person
  43. I pierced the second piercing in my ears myself
  44. I’ve never had an operation
  45. I’d love to have a snake one day
  46. My favourite cheese is Wensleydale with cranberry
  47. I’m a bit obsessed with notebooks
  48. And lists
  49. I used to be worryingly addicted to nail polish last year until I got a job where i couldn’t wear it
  50. It upsets me if my room isn’t tidy

Nicole x