Clearing Your Space

I’m a big fan of cleaning and clearing. Whenever I feel a bit stuck or unmotivated a change around always helps. Change, I think, is a great way to move forward. One of the easiest ways I think is to just move around furniture, get rid of old things I don’t use anymore, and pull ornaments and nick nacks out from the back of cupboards and have a swap around. A clear space helps a clear mind.


My bookcase is, except for my bed, the biggest piece of furniture in my room, and the thing I use the most. I don’t just put books on it, everything ends up being shoved on one of its shelves at some point. That’s why it’s often the first place I start when I have a good sort out. I take everything off, move my bookcase to the other side of the room, and put everything back in a different position, which really is quite pointless I suppose but it makes me feel more proactive and organised.



I’m one of those people who has photos everywhere. I’ll admit it. I love sticking photos on my walls, and every now and then I change them around.


Getting rid of things is maybe my favourite thing about having a good clear and a sort out. It just feels so productive, which I guess is another thing I love about doing this. Things that take minimal effort but feel really productive are the best. I usually sort through my books before I put them back on the shelves and pile the ones I either know I won’t read again or haven’t read in the past year and, even though I have good intentions, probably won’t read again, and take them to the charity shop. I do the same with everything else in my room actually, bits and bobs in my draws, clothes in my wardrobe etc.

Organising is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” – A.A. Milne

Nicole x