Telephone Phobia


I don’t really have a lot of fears. I’m not that scared of heights, I can deal with most spiders (unless they’re really, really, really big and hairy) I quite like snakes and the dark only worries me if I’ve just watched a scary film. The one thing that has always scared me though has been the telephone. I can only make a phone call without my heartbeat doubling in speed if it’s to my mum. I don’t think this is an extremely weird fear? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of other people feeling the same way, just not very often. It’s not the actual phone that scares me (I’m on my phone all day ha) it’s more talking on the phone. I’m not entirely sure why I get so worried about talking on the phone when I have no problem at all with speaking to people in real life. For example, if I was going to make an appointment at the hairdressers, I would never even contemplate ringing them to make it, I would without a doubt always go into the hairdressers to make an appointment in person, even though that takes more time and effort.

The worst situation is when I’m put in a position where there is no other option but to answer the phone. I’ve been in so many situations, for example in a work environment, where it’s busy and everyone’s working and all of a sudden someone’s thrust a phone into my face and told me to answer it and I have literally no other choice, and I don’t think I’m being dramatic when I say it feels as though I’m going to pass out.

I’m not sure if it’s because I think that situations in real life are easier to deal with than conversations on the phone, or that it’s easier to avoid misunderstandings in person but the thought of answering the phone terrifies me. I think maybe when I’m expected to answer it the fear is that i have no idea who is going to be calling, or what they’ll want, or if they’ll ask me something I don’t know the answer to, and when the phone rings all of these things go through my head at once and I turn into a wreck. Occasionally I’ll have a day when I’m feeling particularly happy or positive, and if I’m the only person at home I’ll answer it and it’s always fine, I know rationally that if I answer the phone nothing horrifically traumatising is going to happen, but most of the time I do just pretend I can’t hear it or make someone else answer it.

Has anyone else heard about this fear, or have any of you felt it yourself?

Nicole x