Left: My hair at its longest (it goes a little longer than the photo) Top Right: My hair a few days into January when I first cut the majority of it off Bottom Right: My hair today (longer at the front, shorter in the back

From I’d say the age of 13 I have been trying to grow my hair as long as possible until about a month ago. I’d gotten it pretty long; it almost reached my belly button. I think the reason I wanted to grow my hair long though, wasn’t necessarily because my hair looks best when it’s super long. In fact since cutting it I’ve realised it looks a million times better being short. At first, the reason I started growing my hair was because I was jealous of my friends who had really long blonde hair, and I wanted it. Even though in the last few years my friends have changed, schools has changed, work has changed, I guess I just always thought that the longer my hair grew the better I would look? That sounds really silly to say now because, looking back, the longer my hair grew the worse it looked. I’m not saying that everyone who has long hair looks awful, because that’s obviously not true. My hair just gets very thing, weighed down, and flat when it’s longer, and I definitely didn’t put a lot of effort into styling it.

A few days into January, after looking at countless photos of beautiful short hair on Tumblr, I just went for it and cut it myself, which actually didn’t go as horrifically as I thought it would. I didn’t research how I should do it really because I didn’t want to loose my nerve (probably a mistake haha) but it didn’t go that badly. I’ve been trimming my long hair for years so I had an idea of how to do it, even though I’m definitely not an expert.

The main thing I was worried about, although I was pretty sure my hair would look better after a good cut, was regret. All in all, even though my hair still had a fair bit of length after the cut, I lost at least 5 inches which was obviously a big change. The weird thing about it was that, even though I wanted to do it, I thought I would feel horrible whilst I was doing it, whereas I wasn’t sad at all. I honestly haven’t regretted it once since I cut it.

Yesterday I got another urge to cut my hair, and this time I decided to make it properly short. This time I did watch some videos so I had a bit more of an idea of what I was doing. I tied my hair in a low ponytail at the nape of my neck and then, keeping the hair even, puled the band down to where i wanted to cut. I then cut as best as I could just below the hairband. After taking the hairband out I neatened up the cut. This technique made my hair slightly shorter at the back. I wasn’t really that scared about it because since I last cut my hair it’s grown so much more, and more quickly, than when it was long. Probably because it’s in so much better condition now. (Before I started cutting I didn’t want it to touch my shoulders but it turns out I haven’t worked up enough courage to do that quite just yet!)

Cutting your hair: the pros and cons

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 13.21.57

I felt a million times better after cutting my hair. I know that before I cut my hair and I saw people say this I thought they were lying or that I wouldn’t feel the same but my only regret really is that I didn’t do it sooner.

If you need some inspiration:

The tutorials I used: here, and here

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