Faking It


I’m not a hugely confident person but there is one thing that helps me be more confident. Faking it. I did a whole post a while ago about being confident which you can read here if you’d like, but this is a sort of quick-fix solution I didn’t mention in it.


The main way I try to make myself feel more confident more quickly in situations where maybe I’m expected to be outgoing or a lot of attention is payed to me is to just fake it. I think that sometimes it takes some of the pressure out of a situation, because if you fake it well enough you can convince yourself you really are a confident person. I also feel less self conscious if I feel like I am appearing as confident, even if I’m not feeling particularly confident on the inside. It reassures me that people aren’t judging me.

When I want to appear more confident than I actually am, for example when I’m nervous about a situation, I often think about what someone I look up to would do, how they would act in that situation, whether they would be getting worried about it or if they would just be comfortable and confident.


Once you start believing you can be a confident person, after faking it for a while, it really won’t feel like you’re faking it anymore.

Nicole x