Kalmar, Västervik, Gamleby, Småland, Miljöer-Tätort

When I’m feeling down, usually the one sure way to cheer me up is a good bit of nostalgia. It’s just nice to look back on times that made you happy. Nostalgia is a really difficult thing to explain, isn’t it? It can take you to a place which was nice and happy. Nostalgia mostly comes, at least for me, when I don’t expect it. I’ll see something or hear something which reminds me of someone or something from the past. The best way i encourage nostalgia is by watching an old film (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins always work, or a good crisp sandwich. Did anybody else have those when they were a child?)


I think that this might be why i’m so interested in history. When I learn about other people’s histories, the history of other countries, it kind of makes me nostalgic for a past which I didn’t even experience. Which is a really nice feeling, to know you’re learning about something which was so important to so many people.

Nicole x