I never really realised how important routine was to me until I lived without any for a while. I guess the main routine I’ve had was school, like it is for most people I guess. And then when I left it was fine because it was just summer holiday so that felt normal, and then I had a job so I had routine, so really this is the first time I can remember when I didn’t have it. And although this would be the perfect opportunity to be able to do whatever I want to do, not having it is just making me unintentionally lazy. I just think not having routine changes people’s mindsets change and not in a positive way. When I wake up in the morning, it’s as though my first thought is ‘Well if I have nothing that must get done, I might as well watch Friends in bed all day.’ Which is a really depressing way to start everyday. Of course, I never actually do sit in bed and watch Friends in bed all day, but only because I think if I did it once, I might do it all the time because that does sound like quite a nice way to spend the day. This is why I really doubt that I could ever be self employed. If it’s something I care about, I’ll definitely do it, but if not I usually just procrastinate until I forget about it.

Nicole x