Fashion And Identity


One of my favourite YouTube channels, and definitely one of the most interesting I think, is Stylelikeu, made by the same people who created this website. The channel explores the uniqueness of people and how the clothes and items that people wear reflect their personalities, their past, and their stories.


The channel is the first like it that I’ve seen, and I’ve been watching their videos for months. It’s so interesting to be able to look through a window into lives which you wouldn’t necessarily have any experience of otherwise.

Some of my favourite videos from their channel are:

A Boy, A Girl, A Gender Revolutionary: iO Tillett Wright

The Breasts Don’t Make the Woman: Gail Chovan:

The What’s Underneath Project: Chloe Nørgaard

The What’s Underneath Project: Rachel Fleit

The What’s Underneath Project: Tallulah Willis

The What’s Underneath Project: Aglae Dreyer

Before watching these videos, I never really connected style and fashion with a person’s past. I appreciated how clothing is a visual representation of someone’s identity, but the idea that a person’s struggles and stories could be seen in the type of clothing they choose to wear was new to me, I’d never considered it before. I just love this channel and their videos so much I thought I’d share.

Nicole x