I’ve gotten really into cooking and the food I’m eating recently. Luckily my mum’s got quite a large collection of recipe books so I have lots to choose from!

Dinner’s on by Barry Lewis

I’m going to be honest, I think the main reason I like this cookbook is because there are so many really nice pictures. Photographs just make cookery books better in general I think; it’s nice to see the finish product. The book covers recipes for breakfast, different meats, fish and seafood, veggie and deserts. My favourite part is ‘Barry’s Burger Bar’ showing an assortment of recipes for all different types of burgers (which I enjoy because they’re easy to make and cook haha.)



The Hairy Biker’s Food Tour of Britain by Si King and Dave Myers

I love the hairy bikers so much. Their cooking shows are always on our TV. I bought my mum this book for the Christmas (partly so I could use it but shh.) This book is really interesting because it has recipes from across Britain (as the title suggests.) it also has little pockets of facts about different places. My favourite recipe is the Malvern Pudding (made near where I’m from!)



The Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is definitely one of my favourite chefs not only do i love his recipes but he’s hilarious. The whole idea of ‘The Naked Chef’ is to create recipes which are bare and simplistic. The book covers recipes with all of the foods we use most, such as meat, fish, veg, pulses, bread, and more. I particularly love his recipe on Boiled Bacon and Peas Pudding, (and the photos of fetus Jamie Oliver of course.)



Nicole x

(P.S After proof reading this I seem to have gone a bit bracket-crazy but we’ll go with it.)