A Boring Lazy Day

My life is so uninteresting you literally wouldn’t believe how uninteresting my life is. Honestly. But ‘day in the life’ type of videos and posts are one of my favourites to watch/read, I guess because I’m just quite a nosy person.


1. 9:30am – Wake up and spend an hour on browsing social media as normal.

2. 10:30am – Open the curtains because I feel like I should even though the light is too bright and hurts my eyes, wow I’m a complainer aren’t I. To be fair though I’m not one of those people who complains about there being no sun and then complains about the sun when it arrives; I just like the winter, it’s cosy.

3. 10:33 – Brush teeth, wash face, look out of the gaudy bathroom window.

4. 10:40 – Do makeup.

5. 10:40 – Whilst catching up on Indian Summers (which I’m loving by the way.)

6. 10:55 – Attempt to water the florist that my mum has decided to turn our front room into ๐Ÿ˜’.

7. 11:00 – Chocolate covered cranberries for breakfast, healthy as always.

8. 11:10 – Leave the house.

9, 10, 11. 11:10 – Walk into town.

12. 11:10 – Favourite song at the moment Walk This Way – Mร˜

13. 11:10 – Still walking

14. 12:00 – Get back from shopping in town and force the cat to go out so he doesn’t become a permanent hermit. (He would literally spend his entire life sleeping if he could, he’s the laziest creature I know.)

15. 12:10 – Cat keeps trying to push his way back inside every time I open the back door (He is the most annoying animal.)

16. 12:30 – Watch Friends with lunch, it’s on our TV 24/7 honestly.

PicMonkey Collage2edited

17, 18, 19, 20. 1:30 – Getting old school with Doctor Who. I used to be completely obsessed but I haven’t properly watched it in years.

21. 12:30-1:30 – Had some proper baked baguette for lunch, I could live on bread honestly.

22. ย 3:00 – Wrote this blog post.

23. 3:30 – Let the cat in to keep me company because I couldn’t take him scratching at the back door anymore.

24. 3:50 – Worked out to a Fitness Blender video in an attempt to try and make myself feel a bit healthier.

25, 26. 4:50 – Took down some of the birthday cards from my mum’s birthday which have been up for ages. Her friends are hilarious, I know.

27. 5:00 – The Chase is the best quiz show and I watch it all the time it’s hilarious.

28. 6:30 – Had chilli oil and prawn pasta for tea (which is the first time I’ve eaten a full meal of prawns since I was four and had an allergic reaction so I’m not entirely sure I’ll survive it but it looked good so I took the risk.)

29, 30. 8:00 – Eastenders. I used to watch it and then stopped but I’ve gotten really into it since the whole ‘who killed Lucy’ thing. By the way I totally saw the bobby thing coming.

It’s currently 8:15 when I’m writing this, so for the rest of the evening I’ll probably just watch TV/YouTube until I go to sleep. I lead and exciting life I know ๐Ÿ˜‰

Nicole x