Desk Organisation Tips


Organising is one of my favourite things, it’s something which feels super productive when I’m doing it, but doesn’t take too much effort. Plus it’s fun. Well at least I find it fun.


1. Get rid of clutter. If it’s not important, and it doesn’t need to be on your desk, then consider putting it in a draw. It depends on how you like to work; some people thrive on organised mess, but clutter just makes me feel really overwhelmed.

2. Make it motivational. I like having lots of picture above my desk because it just cheers me up, and makes everything look nicer than staring at a plain wall. You could stick up photos, framed pictures or write out motivational quotes and stick them on your wall.

3. Always have a pen. Maybe don’t clutter up your desk with lots and lots of stationary piled up, but always have a pen nearby. You could put jars on your desk and fill them with pens and pencils, or use unique mugs to hold them. I do this to keep paint brushes in.


4. Make it look nice. The importance of this varies from person to person, but I find myself more motivated to work if my work space looks nice. If my desk is boring, dull and messy, it’s not a place where I want to spend a lot of my time. You can do lots of little things to make your desk look nice. Putting up photos as mentioned earlier, investing in some candles like I do, or selecting a few nik naks to make everything more interesting (not too much to clutter though!)

5. Always have paper. I always have a plain lined notebook on my desk, just in case I need to write anything down.

6. Sticky notes. This isn’t so much a tip for just your desk, as a tip in general for life. Sticky notes are useful in so many different situations and there are so many sizes and colours and yes. I love them.


7. A clock. This is possibly irrelevant because I know phones and laptops and every technological device except for toasters have clocks on them, but just in case I do like having a clock on my desk. Sticking to times and dates to do things just makes it more likely that everything will get done on time.

8. Schedule. This sort of depends on what you’re using your desk for. If it’s just more recreational-leisure-you-know-type-things then this might not apply, but if you need to stick to a strict schedule I think it helps to have it pinned up somewhere that you can see it.

9. Prioritise. In terms of the actual placement of things on your desk make the most important items nearest. I know this sounds obvious but it’s just worth mentioning. This goes for drawer organisation too, important things should be more accessible.


10. Keep a rubbish bin close by. Placing a bin just next to your desk just prevents unneeded rubbish being left on your desk and cluttering your workspace.

11. Folders. I’m not sure if this falls more into work organisation more than desk organisation but folders just make sure that you know where everything is. Obviously you’ve heard of folders so you know that haha, but it’s worth mentioning. They’re a bit like sticky notes; I get a bit obsessed with them.

12. YouTube DIYs. If you want to get motivated to clean your desk space and work, YouTube is the place to go for DIYs. They’re some of my favourite videos to watch, even if I’m not planning on actually doing the DIY, and they’re so useful. Some of my favourite YouTube DIY-ers are LaurDIY, MayBaby and StilaBabe09.



Nicole x