I Do Stupid Things

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I do stupid things ALL THE TIME. On a daily basis. Constantly. And although I suppose it means my life isn’t always boring, it does mean that my life is constantly filled with stress and anxiety from the ridiculous mistakes and decisions I make.

One of the, in hindsight, most thoughtless things I’ve ever done is pierce my own ears. Yes. I mean it didn’t turn out awfully, but I could have thought it through more. When I was about 14 one of my friends pierced her own ears (it didn’t end well) and I was so impressed that she’d actually done it. I thought that I’d never have the nerve to. Then another one of my friends did it and again I thought that it was really impressive and, although I did want my ears pierced again, I knew that I’d never be able to do it myself. Fast forward three years and 17 year old me thinks ‘hey, it’d be a great idea to pierce my own ears, it can’t be that difficult.’

To give myself credit, I think I did do the best job that I could. I sterilised everything I used, the needle, earring, my ear, everything. I watched every YouTube video there was on how to pierce your own ears. And I knew that because there isn’t any cartilage in your earlobe it couldn’t go too badly. I used a biro to mark where I was piercing and went ahead and pushed the needle through. The one thing I overlooked though was that I have the lowest pain tolerance of anybody to have ever lived and I am also a massive wimp.

My friends who had pierced their ears before, and the people in the YouTube videos I watched, and my friend who told me she’d pierced her ears after I’d done mine, all told me that it didn’t hurt at all. AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG. Has anyone else pierced their ears? My first friend who did it didn’t even numb her ears and she said it was painless, whilst I spent twenty minutes trying to numb my ears with frozen peas and it was still excruciating. Never mind the popping sound the needle made when it went through the back of my ear. And the fact that I did the first piercing slightly wonky so I had to take it out, wait for my ear to close up, and do it all over again. Writing this post is literally bringing it all back. Piercing the second whole in my ears was honestly the first time in my life I though I might faint. I’m not queasy so the blood (which to be honest I wasn’t really expecting) didn’t really bother me, but oh my God the pain. I don’t know if my friends have really high pain tolerances or if I have no pain tolerance or if I was doing something hideously wrong.

You would think after going through all of that pain I would go to a professional piercers if I wanted another piercing, or maybe just not get one. But no, a few weeks later, after the memory of the first time had faded a bit, I thought again ‘hey, it’d be a great idea to pierce my own ears, it can’t be that difficult.’ I really want to be able to say that I learn from my mistakes, but obviously this shows that I don’t always do that. Fortunately I quickly remembered the pain and stopped once I’d got the needle halfway through my ear, and I really, really, really am never going to try and pierce my ears again this time. I wouldn’t recommend unless you have a high pain tolerance. Like really high.

Nicole x