General Blogging Ramble

I’ve taken a break from writing my February Favourites because I’m having difficulty deciding what they actually are. (I’ve been looking at the word favourite so much between editing the image in the post and writing the post that it’s done the thing where it doesn’t look like an actual word anymore.) I’m just not sure what to write about in general. I started my blog on the 1st January this year, and so it’s a really new thing. For a start I’m not even sure if favourites are the type of blog posts I want to have on my blog or not. I don’t know whether I want this blog to be a specific blog or about a specific subject (lifestyle, beauty, cooking, etc.) or if it should just be a general mish mash. And if it is a mish mash, I don’t know how to organise it. Probably this is something I should have had a proper think about before I started this blog but I think that if I thought about it too much I’d never have done anything about it, I guess I thought I’d figure it out along the way (which is what I’m doing now.)

I’m a really organised person in some aspects of my life; the things I care about. And I definitely really do care about this blog. I just want it to be perfect, which I full well know is something most things aren’t and that’s okay. I’ve ummed and ahhed, ahem let’s just pretend they’re words, about for instance whether to have an ‘entertainment’ type category on my blog, which I do at the moment. A lot of the time there are things I want to blog about which fit into that category, but then I think maybe I should focus on something else instead because I feel like there are people blogging about those things with much more detail and eloquence than I ever could, so people will be going to them.

The other big ‘if’ type thing about the direction I want my blog to go in is: Do I or don’t I blog about beauty and fashion? Again this is much like the last dilemma I’m facing. There are so many blogs that write about those things and do SUCH a great job of it that would I be contributing anything? And do I even have anything worth trying to contribute? And I don’t even know if that’s something I would enjoy blogging about.

I don’t really know what this is. It’s just a big messy ramble. It’s just good to get things off your chest sometimes I think (even though I’m well aware no one will get this far, if you have I congratulate you.) There isn’t really a conclusion to this or anything, I just got sidetracked. Basically the point is I don’t know where my blog is going, or what to blog about and what not to, or whether I’m just taking this too seriously, and I’m worried I’ll just get overwhelmed and discouraged (which happens a lot haha) and stop.

Nicole x