February 2015 Favourites


I don’t think I have many favourites this month (I’m just probably forgetting a lot of them) but here they are.

1. StyleLikeU

StyleLikeU is a YouTube channel I’ve been really loving this month. I always love it really but I’ve been watching a lot, a lot of their videos recently. I did a blog post about their channel which you can read here.

2. The Office

I think The Office might have been in my January favourites. I just checked and no it wasn’t but I’m pretty sure I’ve been watching it almost constantly through both that month and February. I’m almost halfway through season 8 (terrifying that there is only one and a half seasons left) and I love it so much. I tried watching it a couple of years ago and just didn’t ‘get into it’ but I gave it another go as so many people love it and I always see it on my Tumblr dashboard (ah the reason I give my life away to so many TV shows.) The second time around I’m addicted to it.

3. Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway

This is more of a UK-relevant-only type of favourite I guess. If you don’t know, two TV personalities Ant and Dec do this show which involves various things such as making celebrities do funny things, competitions for the audience, music and entertainment guests etc. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ve been watching it since I was a child and their new series started this month. If you live in the UK I’m sure you already have seen it but if not you should. Nothing quite beats watching someone forcing Louis Walsh to pretend to speak to Dani Minogue on a banana. Which you can watch here (why would you not want to???)

4. Water

This is quite a weird favourite. I get that. This month I’ve been trying to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Which surprisingly I’ve been managing to stick to, and enjoying which is even more surprising.

I really think that’s it for this month. It’s not very many favourites and it’s very TV-based, but I honestly can’t think of anymore!

Nicole x