Ideas For Blog Posts


Since I started blogging a couple of months ago I have always kept a list of blog post ideas, right from the very start from before I even sat down to write my first post. I sometimes think ‘oh, that’ll be a good thing to write about, but I don’t particularly feel like writing about it today’ and so I write it down on my list which has gotten quite long now. It’s helpful because sometimes the opposite happens and I really do feel like writing something but I’m not quite sure what to write so I look through my list until something catches my eye. The things I write there are sometimes vague or sometimes almost a really detailed plan for a post. I really enjoy reading other people’s blog posts on ‘Ideas For Blog Posts’ because they’re really great to take inspiration from.

  1. A letter to your past or future self
  2. An open letter (maybe to someone you admire)
  3. A review of a film/book/tv show you feel strongly about
  4. A recipe which you particularly like
  5. A post about a hobby you have
  6. A favourites post
  7. Advice about something you’ve confronted recently (problems at work/ school/ relationships/ friendships)
  8. Write about something that scares you
  9. Make a routine post (morning routine/ daily routine/ skincare routine)
  10. Tell the story of how and why you started blogging
  11. Write about your role models, if you have any, and if you don’t then explain why
  12. Wish-lists
  13. Write about something you regret
  14. Make a ‘Guide To…’ post about something you’re experienced in ( such as ‘A Guide To Blogging)
  15. Pros and Cons list
  16. A diary entry

Nicole x