Old Posts


I was looking back through my blog (which didn’t take too long because it’s fairly new haha) and looking at some of the posts I made a couple of months ago and it surprised me a little bit that my posts have changed so much. At least I can tell that they’ve changed quiet a lot, which makes me wonder how much my posts will have changed from what they are now in a few months, or even years.

It’s just so strange how we change constantly, in every aspect of our lives from our appearance to the way we choose to write, but we rarely notice until we look back at who we were a few months ago. I don’t know what I’m writing to be honest I feel a bit like I’m starting to overthink everything and driving into an existential crisis but hey ho. Time’s just an odd thing is all. Oh God now I’m about to start to questioning whether time actually exists or is just a concept I’m going to go before I keep myself up all night questioning the meaning of life.

Some of my old posts I was looking over:

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Nicole x