Dried Flowers


I’m a really artsy-crafty person (even if I’m not always the best at it!) I really love DIYs, as well as drawing and painting. Something which I nearly always do if we ever have flowers in the house, or especially in summer when there are flowers in the garden, is make dried flowers. I don’t know if ‘make’ is the right word for it, I don’t really have to do much to be honest. Maybe if you don’t enjoy arty things or DIYs I can see that you probably wouldn’t have much use for dried flowers which is completely understandable, but I went through a phase of being obsessed with them. Dried flower petals are so beautiful.

I use them mostly if I ever make handmade cards for people, but you can also use them as confetti or place them in glass bowls as potpourri. There are lots of posts about them on Pinterest!


(Some of these petals look a little brown because I left it a bit too long before I picked them!)

Drying out flower petals is really simple, there are a few different ways to do it. I usually just pick the petals from the flower head, place them on one of the last pages of a really heavy book, close the book and if necessary put some more heavy books on top and leave them for a few days/weeks.

You could also place a sheet of kitchen roll onto a microwavable plate, place the petals onto that and then cover with another piece of kitchen roll and put them in a microwave for 40 seconds or until dry.

Another method is placing the petals in a dehydrator on the lowest setting although I’ve never tried this.

Nicole x