I love tattoos so much. I think they’re such a beautiful way of being able to express yourself, and in such a permanent way. The one problem I have is that I’m possibly the most indecisive person to ever exist. I would love so much to get a tattoo but I know that more likely than not, I’d end up regretting it, whether it be a few days or a few years after getting it. The only way I’d ever get a tattoo is if it was something I had wanted for literally years.

So the other big issue except for commitment is the actual tattoo. I don’t think I’d ever get words because, although I think they look great and they are one of the most meaningful tattoos to get, I just know over time I’d outgrow them or get bored of them. One type of tattoo which I really like and I’ve been obsessed with for a long time are more symbolic tattoos.

For years I’ve been slightly obsessed with hamsa hand tattoos. The general meaning behind the hamsa hand is protection, as well as symbolising power, strength and blessings. It supposedly wards off evil.


Another type of tattoo which I’ve loved for a while are constellation tattoos. The thing with tattoos is, although I think it’s great when they’re meaningful and I’d probably want a tattoo with meaning, I think I also may begin to dislike it if it has too much meaning. I might grow out of the meaning behind it if that makes sense. This is why I love tattoos which are symbols rather than pictures or words; they’re just slightly more vague and mysterious and their meaning can change over time.

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