Annoying Things My Cat Does CONSTANTLY


1. Throws himself at the window to let us know he wants to come inside.

2. Kills sparrows and then drops them behind the oven.

3. Eats the food from my plate when I’m not looking.

4. Eats food from the floor.

5. Eats food from the work tops.

6. Basically no food can be left unsupervised in this house.

7. Follows me around everywhere constantly until I sit down because he wants to sit on me.

8.  Meows so loudly when I stop stroking him that I’m forced to stroke him constantly.

9. Cat hair. Everywhere.

10. Clings to any item of clothing with tassels.

11. Runs into the room at high speed for no reason. Stares at me for 10 seconds. Runs out of the room at high speed for no reason.

12. Pushes anything left remotely close to the edge of a table, off of the table. Again and again.

13. Has to sit on any chair I’m about to sit on and then cries when I move him.

Nicole x

(P.S I love cats)