Stormy Weather


I love stormy weather. I always hear people raving about the summer and the sun and warmth, and I do enjoy it sometimes, but most of the time I’m a winter fan. Winter is my favourite season. i like the cold, I like getting home and having a cup of tea and being able to sit under a duvet without overheating. I like being able to layer clothes and wear jumpers and scarves. I also quiet enjoy it when it rains, and it thunders, and it’s stormy. It’s more interesting.

I do of course appreciate why people love the sun. It’s cheery and happy, and it makes going out and doing things maybe more pleasant at times. It’s nice to go on holiday abroad to somewhere warm and sit on a beach and get a tan. I don’t know why I just dislike the sun sometimes in this country, I can’t pinpoint it. I just feel better when it’s cloudy. I think this is probably making me sound very dull but it’s not that (I hope um.) If it’s only sunny for more than a few days I desperately miss the rain, maybe it’s just because I’m British and I’m used to bad weather.

I’m not really sure why I just wrote all that about the weather but I’m just going to go with it.

Nicole x