Historical Documentaries


I watch a lot of historical documentaries on Netflix (I think because it makes me feel like I’m being productive without actually having to do anything.) I also do just find them really interesting though, and Netflix has a lot of good ones!

1. Radio Bikini

This documentary recounts the nuclear testing on Bikini Atoll, an island whose inhabitants were evacuated with little explanation, in order to test 23 nuclear devices between 1946 and 1958. The documentary focuses more on how the devices affected the American Servicemen who were around the island and involved in testing the devices, as well as the former inhabitants of the island.

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2. McCullin

This documentary shows the work of photojournalist Don McCullin, whilst covering wars and humanitarian disasters across the world over 30 years.

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3. The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden

This documentary is probably one of the most interesting. It tells the story of a three groups of people from Europe who travelled to the largely uninhabited Galapagos Islands in search of peace and tranquility. Although a large part of their time on the islands was peaceful and tranquil, their story ends in tragedy when a suspected murder occurred in 1934, with only a few of them managing to leave the island.

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4. Churchill And The Fascist Plot

This documentary is a shorter one, and goes into detail about a little know side of World War Two in Britain, and the people Churchill and the government were having to work against in their own country.

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