A Rainy Day


1. Eat Wensleydale cheese with cranberries in it (let’s be honest you should do this everyday really.)

2. Paint your nails with glittery nail polish (if you live a day without wearing glittery nail polish did it really happen?¿?¿?¿?¿?)

3. Watch every Harry Potter film (I’d say you should do this everyday but that might be a little unrealistic.)

4. Google ‘Daniel Radcliffe with dogs’ and make the image results into a collage (I’m only half joking with this one.)

5. OR Google photos of Gregg Wallace and make the image results into a collage??????? (Again I’m only half joking… maybe 48% joking.)

6. Watch Aziz Ansari’s stand up comedy shows on Netflix for 6 hours (I am not joking.)

7. See how many doughnuts you can eat before you can’t stand up (or maybe just before)

8. Listen to Fall Out Boy until you have an emotional breakdown (again or maybe just before)

Nicole x