Dream Journal: Update


A couple of months ago I wrote this post where I talked about dreams and stuff, and I shared a bit from my dream journal (mainly because I think I have really weird and sometimes funny dreams) and I though I’d do an update. A dream journal sounds a bit serious written down haha, but I don’t really take it that seriously and most of it’s a mess as it’s only ever written in a couple of minutes after I’ve woken up so I don’t forget what I’ve just dreamt. That’s usually why a lot of it doesn’t make much sense. I always find it really interesting to hear about other dreams and why they had them so I thought I’d write another post like this.


Started bleaching hair wrong in Waitrose.


Rob Kardashian – skateboarding inside.


Went to posh dinner party. Katy Perry performed.


Toby from The Office broke my Macbook but we made up. I said sorry for shouting.


Group stay in hotel weird thing possesses them, makes them disappear/ kill each other.


Went to Tesco Express to buy food. [lol what a surprise.] Four full sized round cakes FOR ONLY £1.00! FOUR ALL 4! [Obviously I was very hungry when I went to sleep haha.]


Went to theatre to watch Shakespeare with Jamie Oliver and family.

Nicole x