Handy Page Of Blogging Links


This is a post that I’ve had saved into my drafts for a while and every now and then I’ve added to it. Over the few months I’ve been blogging I’ve accumulated a handy collection of helpful links for blogging and thought I’d share them instead of just hoarding them for myself haha. Sharing is caring! (Oh my God cringe.)

Photography Sites

New Old Stock : This site has hundreds of copyright free images collected from places such as public archives.

Pexels : This is the site I use most often when I want to use copyright free, high quality images in my posts.

Picjumbo : I use this site less than the previous two but it is similar to Pexels and has hundreds of copyright free images.

Unsplash : This site has some of the best quality photos and has many unique photos submitted by people which are free for you to use however you wish.

Editing Photographs

PicMonkey : This is the site I use most often for creating the feature images for my posts (such as the one for this post.) There are lots of editing options/ text fonts/ overlays/ themes and effects.

BeFunky : Similar to the site above but with a slightly different selection of editing choices.

Photoshop Editor : For simple touchups I use the Photoshop Editor.

Finding Other Bloggers

Tags : The first and main way I find bloggers, blogs and posts is through exploring the WordPress tags (which I’m sure those with a WordPress blog will have done.)

#lbloggers : The next most common way I find bloggers is through Twitter hashtags. The hashtags you search/ use depend really on what blog you have/ what blogs you’re trying to find. The one I search most often are #lbloggers (lifestyle bloggers) and #bbloggers (beauty bloggers.)

Bloglovin’ : I’ve gotten really into finding blogs on Bloglovin’, it’s really easy to use and well organised, and an easy way to explore blogs who use a different blogging platform to you.

Promoting your blog

#lbloggers : Again, using Twitter hashtags like #lbloggers or #bbloggers when tweeting links to your blogposts helps them be seen by more bloggers.

@ Twitter RT : Mentioning accounts who retweet bloggers to their thousands of followers all looking for blogs is a popular way of sharing your posts. Some popular ones I’ve used before are: FemaleBloggerRT, BBlogRT, Blogging Gals, and UK Blogger RT.

Bloglovin’ : I think the majority of people with blogs already use Bloglovin’. It took me a while to start using the site properly but it’s one of the best ways to connect with other bloggers, especially those who use different platforms to you.

Masterpost : A collection of sites to promote your blog posts on


Writers block : There are so many posts dedicated to sharing blog post ideas such as this, this or this one I created.

If you have any other helpful links please leave a comment!

Nicole x