Why I Blog


The main reason I blog is because I love writing and I don’t really have anywhere else to write or much other reason to write at the moment. It’s just fun, and it’s something I enjoy. Since leaving education I’ve missed writing whether that be creatively or essays (I never thought I’d say that haha.) It’s nice to have a space on the internet where you can just write whatever you want, and I think my writing has improved because of the past few months I’ve been blogging.


I enjoy blogging especially because it’s like a little community. It’s nice to write something and feel like people (if very few) are reading it, and responding to it. It’s also just good to have an outlet sometimes. When you write things down it just makes you feel better to get them out sometimes (for me at least.)


Blogging also satisfies the creative side of me that wants to make something. This blog is like a little creation of mine that I am in complete control of, and I really like that. It’s also nice that one day I’ll be able to look back at what I’ve written and remember what I cared about at this time, what was important to me.

A blog is sort of like a diary which is really nice to look back on.

Nicole x