Tips: Beating Blogging Block


I seem to have some days when there’s twenty different blog posts I want to write and i could sit and write all day. Then on other days I procrastinate anything to do with writing because there isn’t anything I can think to say.

1. Keep list of ideas for blog posts.

Whether it’s an idea you just thought of or inspiration you’ve gotten from a blog post you’ve just read, write it down in a list to refer back to. Something I get inspiration or ideas and write a blog post from them straight away, but more often than not I don’t feel like writing a post immediately and so I add it to the end of my list. Most of the time when I decide I feel like writing a blog post I open up my word document of ideas and look through it until something catches my eye. It’s good to have a list of ready made blog post ideas to refer to when you don’t much feel like writing anything.

2. Blogging ideas posts.

Lots of bloggers make lists like described in my last point and share them! This is one I made and this one, this one, and this one are others which are really good to take inspiration from when you’re just not feeling it.

3. Read!

Similarly to the last point, get inspiration from others. Read your favourite blogger’s posts. Read through your blogging feed. Look at some posts on Bloglovin’. Gaze over a magazine. Have a flick through a book.

4. Do Something.

Getting up and doing something is always a good way to find blogging inspiration. Go for a walk, cook something, read a book, watch a TV programme. A lot of the time either an idea for a brilliant blog post will pop into your head, or you might even want to blog about what you did! And if not, at least you got away from the computer and cleared your mind!

5. There’s always something to write about.

If you can’t think of anything to write about, write about that! Write about things that you can write about anytime. What did you do today? What’s something you’re really liking right now? What do you love about your pet? How frustrating is it that you can’t think of anything to write about?

6. Write something.

Sometimes I find I can’t write something because I’m trying so hard to write something good. At this point I just write anything. Any sentence that comes into my head. It doesn’t have to be good, or even make any sense, it’s just a good way of unblocking your head (metaphorically haha.) You don’t have to post what you write (I never do) it’s just good to get it out.

7. Think outside of the box.

If noting you think of appeals to you, then just write something that you would never have thought of writing as a blog post. Write an entire post about what animal you would be if you had to be one. A post about what you would do if an alien landed in your back garden and offered to take you around the galaxies (Doctor Who fans can I get a yes.) How many Maltesers can you fit inside your mouth at once? (Spoiler I can fit a lot.)

8. Speak

Sometimes it’s easier to speak than to write. When you speak the words come out and if they’re rubbish then it’s okay because they’re in the past. When I write I tend to over think and half the things I think in my head I don’t feel are worth the effort of typing onto my page. Just speak to yourself out loud for a bit, maybe record yourself so that you don’t forget any of what you’ve said, and some of the words you say might strike a chord with you. Maybe a loud enough chord to persuade you to write your ramblings down and share them!

Nicole x