Throwback Thursday: TV

throwback tv

There are so many TV shows I used to watch when I was younger, and one of my favourite things to do is reminisce (can you see where this is going?) So I thought I’d look back on some of my favourite TV shows I used to love!

1. Yvon of The Yukon


This was one of those weird children’s TV shows that you don’t realise is really odd until you look back on it. It was such a weird concept and my mum used to hate me watching it because she thought Yvon was disgusting, which looking back on it he really was.

2. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch


It seems that I loved magic and witches and wizards and things long before I started reading Harry Potter. I used to love this show (and now I have a cat who looks like Salem so I’m practically Sabrina really.)

3. The Powerpuff Girls


For my sixth birthday my friend Remi got me a Powerpuff Girls gameboy thing (which I was obsessed with) and after that I used to have the show on constantly in the backgrounds (similarly to what I do with Friends now.)

4. Rugrats


I got so into this show I even had the books they made to go with it and everything (#truefan).

5. Pinky & The Brain


I can’t really remember a lot about this TV show I just remember watching all the time. A worrying amount of time really.

6. Mona The Vampire


Again back to the magic/ witch/ supernatural-type-things obsession I watched this all the time and used to spend anytime I wasn’t watching it pretending to be a vampire in my head (normal.)

7. Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids


Okay, of all the TV shows I watched when I was younger this was definitely in my top 3. I love horror movies and shows now and this was sort of like a really child friendly version.

8. Arthur


This is another one that makes it into my top 3 shows I’ve seen every episode ever made of this, Francine was my favourite. I think my mum secretly liked that I watched it all the time too because it gave her an excuse to watch it haha.

9. Bear in the Big Blue House


This is a seriously old school TV show. This was one that I used to watch every morning before going to school.

10. My Parent’s Are Aliens


Okay this is definitely the final one that makes it into my top three children’s TV shows. I probably watched this long after I should have gown out of it but I don’t even care it was such a great show it was hilarious, and to be honest if I watched it now I reckon I’d still find it hilarious.

Nicole x