Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Favourite TV Characters: Kevin Malone

A couple of months ago I became really obsessed with The Office US. After a lot of thought, I decided Kevin was my favourite character. It was difficult; I do share Angela’s love… Continue reading

Lessons From Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is definitely in my top 5 of favourite tv shows ever.


I love Eurovision SO MUCH. It’s the greatest and it’s today. I thought I’d list some of my favourite/most memorable songs from the past years.

Bad Blood Music Video / Oh My God I Love Taylor Swift

So just in case anyone doesn’t know, I love Taylor Swift. So much that sometimes I have to consciously tell myself to calm down a bit and take a breath.

Book Of Quotes

I really enjoy quotes, especially for motivation. The words that people say can be really influential to how you act or how you feel. I’m not sure where this memory/thought came from but… Continue reading

A Ramble About Education

I feel quite weird, especially when I go on social media at the moment because lots of people are doing exams and I’m not.

The Greatest Feelings

1. Getting in to clean bedsheets after a warm bath

Job Interview Preparation

I’m definitely not an expert on job interviews, but I’ve been to quite a few *moment of silence for my struggle* so I know what it’s like. I’m awful when it comes to… Continue reading

Emo Playlist

Women Can Be Dicks Too

I saw this video on YouTube and I thought I’d share it because I see types of videos like this quite a bit. I think it’s a shame that the message of issues… Continue reading