Adopting Animals


For the last 2 months there’s been a stray cat by our house, who used to be owned by someone who lived on my road. The person moved, but the cat managed to find its way back and no one knew where the owner had moved to to return it to, so most of our road started feeding her. We named her Molly (in hindsight naming her just made it more difficult when she left oops), fed her our cats biscuits every evening (our cat wasn’t too happy), and she used to sleep under our neighbour’s car. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone who could take her in as we, and most of our neighbours, already have pets. Eventually one of our neighbours decided to take her to a local shelter, which was really the best thing. It was just very horrible when we had to put her in a cat cage and listen to her crying, because she was so confused and didn’t understand it was for the best.

The whole thing just made me appreciate my cat a bit more, and also made me think about cats in shelters, which was something I hadn’t given too much thought to.


We adopted the cat we have now when he was four years old, not from a shelter but from a friend of a friend. Our cat’s previous owner was moving to a flat where she couldn’t have pets and needed to home four cats, so my mum just couldn’t say no.

I just think adopting pets is the best way to get a pet. I understand the want for a little kitten or puppy who you can know throughout all of their lives, and the first cat we ever got was a little kitten from a local farm, probably because my mum wanted me to have the experience of raising an animal. I don’t think people who do this are bad people, and I’m not just ranting haha, you’re giving a home to an animal which is only a good thing.


I just personally think that in the future if I get pets when I leave home (which I almost definitely will) I’ll get them from a shelter. Pets from shelters are such a great option that is good to at least consider, and there are so many benefits from adopting pets.

When you adopt a pet, you know what type of pet it’s going to be. Adopting a baby animal is adorable, and yes, most of the time if you look after an animal and care for it properly it will be a lovely, friendly pet. But the only way to know for sure how an animals is going to grow, and how its personality is going to grow is by adopting. For example, you can decide to home a cat who’s very independent if you’re not at home a lot, or a cat that’s extremely friendly and affectionate if you want a cat that’s going to spend a lot of time with you. Am I making sense? I hope so.

Also there’s a misconception that animals in shelters may be aggressive or unfriendly. There are of course animals like this as lots of animals in shelters are there because they have been mistreated, but a lot of the time animals in shelters are the most grateful animals for being given a home. A lot of animals in these places are happier than most and more affectionate than most because the care you’re giving them is what they’ve been missing for so long. And also the majority a lot of pets in shelters are also house trained etc.

There’s also self satisfaction in rescuing a pet. Although you’re obviously doing it to give an animal a home and make an animal happy, it also makes you feel good to know you’re doing something good, you know?


A rescue pet might seem like a big responsibility health wise. In reality most rescue shelters care for their pets to a high standard and any pet you adopt will probably be as healthy as they can make it. When you adopt a pet you’re not necessarily taking on an animal that comes with lots of vets bills. A lot of shelters give pets vaccinations and neuter them etc. which are things you’d be responsible for when taking on a baby animal. Also, you don’t have to pay for the actual animal. It is possible to get baby animals for free, but most of the time you have to pay. Adopting means you’re getting an equally lovely animal but at no cost.

Not all pure breed pets or pets bred purely to be sold are unhealthy or involve mistreatment of animals, but some do. Adopting a pet allows you to be sure you’re staying well away from this. It also seems logical to home an animal when so many are homeless, rather than one that has been bred purely to be sold. Why are people breeding more animals when there are so many who need loving homes?

Nicole x

P.S I’m not sure how I’m coming across in his post so here’s a little disclaimer: I’m in no way saying that people who buy kittens or puppies etc from breeders are horrible for doing so, I just feel like adopting from a shelter is always something to consider properly when deciding to take on a new pet!