Voting’s Actually Really Important


The General Election is super soon, in less than a week on May 7th. As a girl especially, I am incredibly grateful that I have the right to vote, and I know that it’s a privilege that many of my ancestors, and many people around the world today don’t have.

It’s important I think to take a moment to look back and actually think hard about what our ancestors did for us, and the pain they had to go through so that we don’t have to. If you support a party then I think you should make the effort to vote for them, and if there isn’t a party that you whole heartedly agree with I think you should make the effort to spoil your ballot.

From Emily Davidson running into King George V’s horse to the hundreds of imprisoned suffragettes who underwent force feeding which oftened threatened their life in order to get their message heard, we owe a lot of our democratic rights to them.


1903: Emmeline Pankhurst started the ‘Women’s Social and Political Union.’

Oct. 1905: Christabel Pankhurst (Emmeline’s daughter) and Annie Kenney disrupt a Liberal Party meeting in protest when the issue of female suffrage was ignored. After leaving and staging a political meeting in South Street, Manchester, they are taken into custody.

June 25. 1909: Suffragette Marion Wallace prints “it is the right of the subjects to petition the king,” (referring to the petition in favour of women’s right to vote) onto a wall in Westminster. She is imprisoned, and became an inspiration to hundreds who would go on hunger strike after she refused to eat and was force fed.

June. 1911: 60,000 process through the capital, led by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia.

June 4. 1913: Emily Wilding Davison runs in front of King George V’s horse at Epsom Derby.

June 8. 1913: Emily dies from a skull fracture and internal injuries.

Aug. 1914: Suffragettes suspend activities and put their efforts into helping the war effort as WWI begins.

Feb. 1918: Representation of the People Act gives women over 30 whose husbands owned property the right to vote. As a result an extra 5 million men could vote, and 8.4 million women.

Pankhurst Jeered

Emmeline Pankhurst: Starter of the ‘Women’s Social and Political Union’ which led to the suffragette movement

So vote!

Nicole x