Tips: Growing Long Hair


My hair at the moment sits just above my shoulders, but until the start of February it fell to my waist. I’ve had long-ish hair since I was 11 years old, missing out the occasional couple of months after visiting a hair dresser who cut off too much. Because of this I have a few tips for anyone wanting to help their hair grow a bit longer. Not that I’m saying you should take any advice from me, ever really, and if something really awful happens I refuse to have any responsibility for it (although I don’t think anything too awful can come from what I’m about to say.)

1. Trims

I think that if a hairdresser read what I’m about to say they’d probably be very not happy, but I’m going to say it anyway. Doing this never occurred to me until I changed school and a girl in my year did it all the time (not that I recommend the doing this in school part.) She basically used to take a small chunk of her hair, hold it at the end, and check it for split ends, only cutting the hairs which were split. This might be a bit noticeable if your hair is really short, I’m not sure, but if you have medium-long hair you can probably get away with it without any wonkiness of gaps showing, as long hair tends to have some layers in a lot of the time anyway. When you only cut the split ends you’re getting rid of the hair which is splitting and getting shorter, without cutting the hair which is not. It means your hair doesn’t usually lose any noticeable amount of length but loses the hairs which you’re aiming to get rid of when you get a normal trim. You have my full permission to ignore this tip though, I’ll admit it is a bit weird and time consuming.

2. Conditioning masks

I love conditioning masks even with short hair, but I used them a lot more when my hair was long. If you use them regularly enough it prevents you having to get trims as often, as the hair is protected. You can make home made ones from things like olive oil and eggs (I’ve tried it before and it was very messy but my hair was very soft.)

3. Plait it

The last time I was trying to grow my hair a bit longer (after an upsetting trip to the hairdressers haha) this was I think the main way I managed to grow my hair the extra few inches it needed. For a month or two I wore my hair in a plait constantly. As soon as my hair had naturally dried after being washed I put it into a plait. It stops the ends of your hair from getting damaged.

4. Heat

I know that it’s annoying but using no heat on your hair really does work. Some people are blessed with hair that’s naturally thick and strong, and difficult to fry from straighteners but I unfortunately am not one of those people. I think one of the main reasons my hair grew so much over my ‘plaited stage’ was that I wasn’t using any heat at all on my hair. In my opinion heat defence shampoos and conditioners can only do so much.

Nicole x