Pros and Cons of Blogging


Pros and cons of blogging.


  • You get a little space on the internet. It’s nice to be able to have a place to share your thoughts. A blog seems a bit more proper than other more casual forms of social media which often limit how much you can say, and often direct what you’re saying to people who won’t find it too interesting. It’s good to have a place to share your thoughts and opinions in the way you want to, and in the depth that you want to.
  • Interacting. One of the most rewarding parts about blogging, I think, is having a response to what you’re saying. I’m not really talking about gaining thousands of followers or having hundreds of people commenting, it doesn’t matter. it’s just rewarding to see a few people like your post or take the time and effort to leave a comment, and to do the same to fellow bloggers.
  • I really enjoy writing in general, and although I enjoy writing things even if I’m the only person who will ever see them, it’s good to have a small purpose when you’re writing.
  • Possibilities. I feel like in recent months/years the world of blogging has grown so much that there really are endless possibilities for blogging. I blog because I enjoy writing, and I’m perfectly happy with my small little blog how it is. I do think it’s great however that other bloggers have been so successful. It’s amazing that people now make a living (and in a few cases a small fortune) from a hobby they truly enjoy, that wasn’t even considered a job a few years ago.


  • Blogging can be time consuming, and difficult to fit into your life when you have other things to do as well such as education, or work, or both. It can be difficult, for me sometimes, when I see other people’s blogs which are amazing. Especially full time bloggers, even though I know the quality of a full time bloggers blog is almost always going to be better than that of a part time blogger, because they just have more time, and possibly more dedication as their blog is what they’re putting all of their energy into.
  • Feeling unmotivated. I felt really unmotivated towards the end of last month, for no reason in particular I think. I just had nothing I wanted to write about, even though I have a blog post ideas list about four or five pages long. It makes me almost feel guilty when I feel too unmotivated to blog, even though blogging is something I choose to do voluntarily.
  • Blogging does leave you vulnerable at times. When putting your thoughts, especially on serious topics, onto the internet there’s always a possibility that you’ll get negative and at times quite aggressive responses. Luckily that’s not something I have to worry about too much as the people who read and comment on my blog posts are all lovely.

Nicole x