Letter To My Future Self


Dear Nicole on 13 May 2020

I’m not really sure where you’re going to be in five years time. I don’t really have a plan much further than going to university. I’d assume you’re living in London, unless you’re living at home because you’re jobless and moneyless (let’s hope not but if you are it isn’t the end of the world.) I think you’re probably going to be a bit happier than I am now, not because I’m really unhappy at the moment, just because you’re life will probably have more direction than it does now and you’ll be more independent.

I guess you’ll have finished university, or maybe not, who knows. I hope though that by this point you’ve done some travelling, either little bits here and there or maybe you’ve actually gone through with the small idea you had five years ago of taking a few months out when you finish university to properly travel. If you haven’t then reading this is definitely an instruction to tell you to. I just hope you’re a bit more adventurous than you were five years ago.

I think it’s quite likely that you may not be in a job that you particularly enjoy right now. It might take sitting through some awful jobs and getting experience in role you don’t particularly enjoy in order to make it into a career you love. Whatever that is. Maybe you’ve figured it out by this point. If you’ve decided after all though that you do want to work in a museum, or some job looking through historical records, just remember that that’s really not what you five years ago wanted to get out of a history degree. Your past self supports you and all, but properly think about it and make sure you’re not just going into a job you think is okay because it’s secure, take a risky job that you’re passionate about. You may be able to tell that five years ago you doesn’t know what she’s doing and is quite scared future you is going to settle for an average job because you’re too scared to leave your comfort zone. That would be awful, really really awful.

Five years ago you were entertaining the idea of becoming an artist, or a journalist, or a writer, or working for a charity or something. I’m not sure if you’ll have stuck to any of those ideas though because you’re very indecisive. I hope you’ve grown out of that a bit too, it makes life very confusing and tricky.

Five years ago you just wants you to be yourself, be independent always, be happy, and take every opportunity you can. Also to not care what other people think, because five years ago you cares too much.

Nicole x

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