Fox Hunting


I disagree with fox hunting on every level possible personally. Not only is it the killing of animals (which I suppose could be justified considering we do kill other animals all the time in this country for food), but it’s the torturous and painful killing of animals. A week ago the Conservatives were elected into government in the UK with a majority, making leader David Cameron Prime Minister. Among policies such as scrapping the Human Rights Act and refraining from stopping the privatisation of the NHS, he’s also making the idea of removing the ban on fox hunting a possibility.

In 2004 the Labour government in power at the time enforced a fox hunting ban, which made it illegal to hunt foxes with dogs. The Prime Minister at the time, Tony Blair, was not entirely in favour of the ban but allowed it to go through, although there was criticism that he was killing a British tradition and part of Britain’s economy. The fox hunting ban was, and is still in place, but fox hunting is still popular in the UK. Not only is it cruel on the foxes, it’s cruel on the dogs who hunt them. Whips are cracked, horns blown and scented oils sprayed to confuse them, all for the entertainment of humans.

Many people thought that the outcome of this election would be another coalition government, which would have made it more difficult for the Conservatives to make lifting the Fox Hunting Ban a possibility. With a Conservative majority however, David Cameron is planning to give MPs a free vote on whether to lift Labour’s 2004 Fox Hunting Ban.

I disagree with Fox Hunting because it’s cruel, unnecessary, and in my opinion uses the torture and killing of animals purely for the entertainment of humans. Whether it be a British Tradition or not, I don’t think it’s right.

Here’s a link to a petition which is getting a lot of attention at the moment which aims to “show the Prime Minister how archaic his view is on the topic of hunting for sport, and show your support for the animals that the ban currently protects.”

Nicole x