Being Alone


I hear/read everywhere that people “should be okay being alone,” and “before you can be happy with someone, you have to be happy being by yourself” etc.

I agree with the premise. I think that everyone should be happy in their own company, and I feel like I always have been. In my opinion it’s not a great position to be in if you’re solely reliant on other people for happiness/ entertainment/ self assurance and so on. I like the idea that when you’re completely happy with being alone you’ll have better relationships with others, and I think it makes sense.

You won’t be afraid of being yourself, because you know you’re great. You can argue with the people you know, family, people you’re friends with without thinking “maybe I should just be quiet and not say anything, I don’t want them to get annoyed and not want to hang out with me anymore.” You become more confident because you hold more worth in yourself. The more time you spend on your own the more you realise that you’re a whole person on your own and you don’t need other people to make you feel valid. You validate yourself.


The more time you take to be on your own the more you get to know yourself. It’s great when you’re around other people who influence and inspire you but it’s also great to just be with your own thoughts. You can concentrate on what your own mind and feelings are telling you.

Nicole x