Memory Box


Since I was around 14 (I think) I’ve kept a Memory Box. At this point, 18 years old, I have about four memory boxes. Most of them are just old shoe boxes filled with scraps, photos and little trinkets. I’ve never been able to keep a diary for more than a few days, and I’m awful at taking photos of things I want to remember. I am a bit of a hoarder though. I’m always that person who thinks “how can I throw that away it means so much, I might need it,” when in reality it’ll probably end up being thrown under my bed and I won’t even think about it for the next three years.

A Memory Box (my definition) : A box of objects that provoke nostalgia

Usually things are only put in my Memory Box when I clean out my room. I’ll find an old photo I’ve shoved in the back of a drawer, or a postcard behind a bookshelf and instead of throwing it away, I’ll put it in my Memory Box.

The plan is to, at some point, get some scrapbook/sketchbook type things and organise everything I’ve collected into order chronologically. Although I only started collecting these memories at around 14 I have things from earlier, like baby photos etc.

I think it’s a really easy way of documenting your life, but not in a really time consuming way. I’m just too lazy to keep a diary or a sketchbook or something that takes putting a lot of time into regularly. With a Memory Box (and I suppose a Memory Book that it’ll eventually turn into) you don’t have to put that much regular effort in, and you have memories in an actual physical form. Photos and objects are one of the most accurate representations of your past, and take you back to the place you were when you got them.

Nicole x