I love making pancakes because they’re one of the easiest things to cook (which let’s be honest is good when it comes to me and cooking.)


1 medium sized egg

250ml milk

120g plain flour

pinch of salt


lemon/sugar/golden syrup or whatever pancake toppings you choose!


There are lots of different ways to make pancakes, and different recipes say to put ingredients in in different orders but I’m quite lazy really so I just put the egg, milk, salt and flour into a bowl at the same time and mix it really well.


After all of the flour has mixed in and it’s not lumpy (so a couple of minutes after the picture above) just pour some mixture into a hot, oiled pan. One the mixture is in, hold the pan and rotate it round slightly, to make sure the mixture covers the entire base of the pan. Keep checking the bottom of the pancake to see if it looks a golden brown, and once it does flip it over. (I have really bad hand eye coordination so when I do it’s more like half heartedly trying to turn it over with a spatula without burning myself.)

Cook until both sides are golden brown, add toppings and voila!

image (1)

Some don’t go so much to plan…

image (2)

but that’s okay.

Nicole x