Book Of Quotes


I really enjoy quotes, especially for motivation. The words that people say can be really influential to how you act or how you feel. I’m not sure where this memory/thought came from but I recall years ago, maybe when I was a child, hearing someone say that for someone’s birthday they bought a notebook and filled it with happy quotes. It’s one of those memories which I’m not sure is real or imagined it’s so blurry, do you ever get memories like that? The other day I was looking through my drawer for something and I decided I really needed to do something with the notebooks I have. I’m a bit of a notebook hoarder, I love stationary. This memory came into my mind and i decided it’s something I’d start doing. For the past few days when I’ve felt like it I’ve searched for some quotes, and written the ones I think are meaningful into this little notebook. I’m just going to write quotes down when I see or hear them.

It doesn’t look the prettiest, but that wasn’t really important. It’s sort of rustic (not entirely sure if I’m using that word correctly but I’m going to carry on.) I just used duct tape to tape some paper on it so I could label it, if I hadn’t it would probably have once again gotten lost in the sea of notebooks that lie in my drawers.




Nicole x