Healthy Recipe: Granola

Ingredients: (These are the measurements I use to make granola which lasts around 2 weeks having one portion a day because this granola is easy to bake in bulk, so consider halving the… Continue reading


As I mentioned briefly in this post, documentaries are possibly my favourite thing to watch on Netflix. In fact no, they’re definitely my favourite thing to watch in general. I thought I’d share… Continue reading

Being Vegan

About four years ago I became pescetarian for around a year and a half. I did this because I honestly felt really bad about eating animals, and I still do. The reason I… Continue reading


Watching documentaries on Netflix is probably one of my favourite things, and I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “The English Surgeon.” The documentary shows the work of Henry Marsh, a British… Continue reading

Ending Friendships

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about friends lately. Since leaving school it’s become really apparent who my truly good friends are. When I was at school I think I just assumed that… Continue reading

Jobs And Happiness

Just over a week ago I quit my job, and yesterday I officially left. I was working as a waitress in a local independent coffee shop. The main three reasons I took a… Continue reading

The Right Goals

I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Not a clue. I, so far, have never found any career which made me think, “yeah, I could do this for my… Continue reading

How To: The Balance

In the past I’ve gone into changing my lifestyle with the wrong attitude. I’d cut out everything unhealthy from my life and only eat fruit, vegetables and seeds which obviously never lasted more… Continue reading

Gap Year Goals

When I decided to take a gap year, I wanted to make sure I made the best of it, and didn’t just waste it being lazy. I thought the best way to do… Continue reading

Simple Healthy Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Couscous