A Ramble About Education

I feel quite weird, especially when I go on social media at the moment because lots of people are doing exams and I’m not. Advertisements

The Greatest Feelings

1. Getting in to clean bedsheets after a warm bath

Job Interview Preparation

I’m definitely not an expert on job interviews, but I’ve been to quite a few *moment of silence for my struggle* so I know what it’s like. I’m awful when it comes to… Continue reading

Emo Playlist

Women Can Be Dicks Too

I saw this video on YouTube and I thought I’d share it because I see types of videos like this quite a bit. I think it’s a shame that the message of issues… Continue reading


I love making pancakes because they’re one of the easiest things to cook (which let’s be honest is good when it comes to me and cooking.)

Homeware Wish List

I’m moving to go to university this year, and so recently I’ve been looking at a lot of homeware things to take with me when I go. I thought I’d make a little… Continue reading

Sleepy Playlist

Being Alone

I hear/read everywhere that people “should be okay being alone,” and “before you can be happy with someone, you have to be happy being by yourself” etc.

Tips For Bloggers Starting Out

I’ve only had my blog a few months so I think that I do fall into this category a bit. I have learnt some things however from the time I have been blogging… Continue reading