Memory Box

Since I was around 14 (I think) I’ve kept a Memory Box. At this point, 18 years old, I have about four memory boxes. Most of them are just old shoe boxes filled… Continue reading

Body Shaming

This is a topic I have quite a few opinions about. I also think that it’s quite an important topic, and quite a sensitive one. I’ve thought about writing something like this pretty… Continue reading

Basing Your Worth On Other People’s Opinions Of You

This is something I’m guilty of doing quite a lot. Basing my worth partly on other’s opinions of me. I’d love to be one of those people who’s really confident and doesn’t seem… Continue reading

Fox Hunting

I disagree with fox hunting on every level possible personally. Not only is it the killing of animals (which I suppose could be justified considering we do kill other animals all the time… Continue reading

Worry Curing Thoughts

These aren’t necessarily cures, just some things I think about to stop me worrying about everything so much.

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has things they enjoy that they don’t necessarily shout about to the world. That’s what I’m going to do though. I’ve decided to not care anymore. Why should pleasures be guilty if… Continue reading

Lessons I Learnt From Waitressing

1. Always respect┬áthose serving you This goes for any sort of customer service job. One of the most annoying things is serving someone who you can tell thinks they’re better than you, despite… Continue reading

Letter To My Future Self

Dear Nicole on 13 May 2020 I’m not really sure where you’re going to be in five years time. I don’t really have a plan much further than going to university. I’d assume… Continue reading


I’ve had my blog for a few months now and I really want to know more stuff about the people who read it! I read quite a few of your blogs and I… Continue reading

A-Z of Organisation Tips

A. Alphabetise. This applies mostly to things such as files, schoolwork or piles of paper you have which are grouped together (such as recipes etc.) B. Baskets. Even though I try to be… Continue reading